Feminist Anarchist

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging. I think it’s a great way to spread ideas to millions of people with a click of ‘publish post’. Although, at the same time the lack of face to face communication makes it easier for threats to be thrown around, accusations to be made and friendships to be more easily broken. I decided to create this wordpress because I’ve been reading a lot of great radical pieces on different blogs that have really inspired me to write down my thoughts and share them with y’all. 

The title of this blog, feminist anarchist discourse is a resistance to the current political climate I have been involved with that states “if men aren’t speaking, women will never speak.” Women can, will and do speak if given the resources and opportunity to do so. They aren’t. That’s why feminist anarchism makes the most sense to me not only as a political ideology, but also as a way of life.

Feminist anarchism can be termed many ways. Anarcha. Anarcha feminist. Anarchist Feminist. Or just feminist (although I hate this term because it tends to get lumped in with the liberal democrat feminists and radfems who are disgustingly cissexist, racist and ableist). I choose Feminist anarchist because I was feminist before I was ever anarchist — and my identity as a female perceived person will always come before my identity as anarchist. Not everyone needs to identify this way, this is simply my personal choice as an individual. Image

Feminist anarchist discourse is an important one to have as activists, radicals and revolutionaries. Lynne Farrow states in Feminism as Anarchism, “Feminism practices what anarchism preaches.” In other words, anarchism is the theory and feminism is the application of that theory into our daily lives. Many argue that anarchism is idealistic. Well, then feminism is also idealistic because it puts forward the idea that two (or more) genders can be on a level playing field even though patriarchy has been around for thousands of years. But, most people don’t look at feminism as a revolutionary practice, but as a reformist tactic. 

I’m not well versed in anarchist theory, but I believe in the non-authoritarian, anti-imperialist, anti-vanguard/cadre, anti-racism values that it represents. I may not know as much as my fellow white, male comrades but I know enough to stand my ground. While, on the other side of the same coin they do not know as much about feminist theory. My hope is that we can have an exchange of sorts with each other, instead of an “i know more than you about this, hence i deserve to speak more” exchange. (These exchanges do happen, FYI).

I’m also not interested in playing oppression olympics, which is hilarious to me since I am watching the olympics as I type this. I think we are all oppressors/oppressed — we should acknowledge this before we start calling others out, since as individuals we are far from the perfect social justice warriors — and so by realizing that first and foremost we can create a feminist anarchist community that is both critical of ourselves/others as well as filled with mutual love, respect and understanding. 

This is a call for more feminist anarchists to “come out of the closet” so to speak. It’s scary to come out as one because there is such resistance against us. Being feminist is scary enough, but adding anarchist to the equation can seem like social suicide. 

All for now —



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