Women as Human Beings

“Women are emotional, needy, fragile and too-attached”

Obviously, right?

I mean there are memes that describe the “overly attached girlfriend.” As if overly attached boyfriends don’t exist. (I know there was an attempt at trying to portray the overly attached boyfriend, but it didn’t hold as much weight in the larger society, apparently). This is a fucked up way of looking at women, especially as romantic/sexual partners. What is a relationship supposed to be, then? If not emotional and with some attachment involved?

Yes, there are lines that can be crossed. Lines that include keeping track of someone’s texts or creepily stalking their social networking sites. That shows more of a lack of trust than emotional attachment, though. And that is an individual’s problem, not the problem of an entire gender. Am I wrong?

But, the problem isn’t that women are emotional or even needy. It is that they have emotions at all. We live in a society where lack of emotions gets you ahead in your career (hence why the more “masculine” you are at work the better payment you shall receive).

So, my problem with this trope of “needy women” is that we are not needy if we express emotions. We are not needy if we need someone to talk to. We are human beings.


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