“Human Nature”?

In the past week I have heard a lot in classes about “human nature.” And just like blood quantum or the one drop rule, I wonder how can it be measured?

Are we inherently greedy? Or, is it in fact, that the economic system (capitalism) in which we are saturated into every day teaches us to be greedy in order to survive?

Are we inherently mean? Or, is it a list of experiences with mean people that have made us mean?

Are we prone to gossip? Or, is it a society that thrives off of gossip that makes us feel like it is normalized?

These are questions I have been asking myself in the last few years, but especially in the last week. Because human nature cannot be measured nor is it consistent. There are people who are greedy, who are mean, but there are also people who are kind, caring and give themselves to other people because they truly believe in a better and equal society.

So, no I don’t think it’s human nature to be hierarchical. I don’t think it’s human nature to be mean, greedy, to gossipy or any of that other nonsense that the greater society would have us all believe. I don’t think we are born any of these things, after all we are “blank slates” aren’t we?

Besides, the powers that be are invested in having us believe human nature is consistent in its evilness because then, we wouldn’t feel the need to change would we? We would believe in its consistency, so therefore things like: poverty, death, disease, rape, hate crimes would all be inevitable societal ills. They’re not and they don’t have to be.

Food for thought.


3 thoughts on ““Human Nature”?

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately as well. It has come up a few times in my classes and i always wonder why. Why is the “that’s just the way things are -ism” exists? Just Kbecause it is easier to say its human nature than to try to change it. What am I willing to give up, what am i willing to sacrifice for someone else to have the basics? A decent home, a job, some healthy food, a park, what I believe Are the basics for a healthy existence. I think I am willing to give up luxuries if that would mean others were given the basics. I am willing to carry another person when they need it. Why are we not all willing to do this? What I find the most interesting is that In a Christian nation many Christians are not willing to do that, help someone, carry them etc. I am what some consider a heathen because I do not attend church but I am a moral person willing to sacrifice. How does that work?

  2. Vanessa,

    I am wondering if people come to work because they love their job or because it just a commitment, or because work is so bad that we got pay to do this or because that we love what we doing…Do thing with Mystic, if for me a principal.
    I heard once at the writer center few tutors talking about that they come to tutoring because it was some extra money. An elder woman who tutoring said: She was coming because she was retired and she wants to get out of her house end etc etc etc…But I was waiting to heard from anyone one in that panel to say: I come here just because I love to teach, I love what I do, and plus I get pay for it, I love to help people, I like to help students, I like to share my knowledge with others…. I was very sad, that I was there and very disappointed the way thing are…I always expect more from other without thinking individually about everybody. Things are the way how they are and people are so affray of changes.
    In the other hand people believe that attending Churches, it make them to be better than anybody. In my opinion:” God is every where” He is in my house, in my car, in my school, in my meditation on top of the Holyoke Little Mt. Reservoir….so I go the church, in my own way because I pray form my hard in every where I go and I don’t need to attend a physical space “It call Church” because I have my own church and my own believes… I don’t need to go to a church to be a good guy…
    In our society are what we call “faker”. Every day I am more deception about religion in all countries. I have to adopt to practice my own with direction to only one God. I help people, I am companioned about the sick, the poor and the human being that are alone in this world. I know people who are going to church every Weekend, some of them every day and some even believe that Saturday we should be home dedicating this time to the Lord, but in the other hand I see they have the religion as a big fake wall because they are what I call hypocrites of God.
    I thank GOD everyday in the morning because I can see…see the colors, see peoples..see the light and see the dark..and because I have the privilege to be here…

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