Mitt Romney’s freedom

A great piece on freedom and what it means to the 47% of so called “lazy” and “irresponsible” Americans. And yes, those of you reading this, if you are a student or worker you are part of the 47%. I love this piece because it is fiery and gives face to a nameless statistic.

Peace & Equity

After watching the video leaked by Mother Jones progressive magazine, I started to think about the concept of freedom. We talk about it a lot in school, we hear it on the news and we believe that we have it in this country. But first we must define freedom. What is freedom? When I listen to Mitt Romney speak about the 47% of Americans who act as victims and want government handouts, I ask myself is that me? Am I part of this 47% Mitt is speaking about? Yes. I am part of the group that, according to him, does not want freedom. He also seems to equate big government with a lack of freedom and choices. Let’s think about this.

Mitt wants small government that goes back to the good old days of deregulated industry. Well, during those good old days we had little to no labor laws that…

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