Sexism Exists?

Do you think sexism exists? Have you seen it in action? What do you think of feminists? Are we feminazis? Questions that go through my mind whenever I am in a classroom and we are talking about systems of oppression. Whenever people hear I am a feminist I can see the reaction on their faces. I’m curious.


4 thoughts on “Sexism Exists?

  1. My reaction was: Oh boy..I love it!!! now is when the class will be start getting exciting…I would like to see how many men would react to it…and how many “MACHO” type will be against to the feminism..

  2. Of course it still exist! I was forced to grow up around it. Men don’t know how to get in touch with their emotions. History has taught them to be tough, powerful, controlling ,and unemotional. What a joke! “We” all share the same chemical make up. It has been going strong for thousands of years. It’s parts of many why’s this country and many others are segrated on so many levels. I’m so sick of the maltreatments within our society. Bottomline, there is no respect for women. The stereotypes that are listed for women by “MACHO” men makes me laugh because they have the same feelings. I’m fortunate because I’ve witnessed, felt, participated, and realized I was able to come full circle with understanding that “We” are all the same.

    Can you imagine if “We” as a society came together, sooner than later, to embrace all the individualism of all characterizations, how beautiful and loving our “American culture” could be. Hopes & dreams, I guess.

    “We” all have too much negative energy. It is sickening. There is so much anger. Now, how would I be viewed by all of you if I told you that I “was” a racist and sexist? Would you be able to listen? Have discussions? Or has the labels & barcodes been permanently placed?

    Lets throw out the “what if”: Men having a menstrual cycle? Within those 28 days could he understand &”control” the dictation of a body wanting to reproduce? How then, would he understand how hormonal feelings are real and biology is beautiful.

    “What if”: Men were educated as children to understand the menstrual cycle? The biology of a reproductive system? Why hormones fluctuations cause PMS?

    “What if”: men could just grow up?

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