Is Being a Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies major pointless?

No, I don’t think so.

It’s one of the few majors that really let you dive into many different disciplines such as Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, just to name a few. It’s not only about studying women, but about gender, race, sexual orientation and sexuality. It’s interesting and fun, but can be stressful and tiring. 

I’m not technically a WGSS major, yet but it seems to be at the front of my mind when I think about my transfer to UMass Amherst next year. 

Society wants us to think that WGSS as a major is pointless. But, it’s not. You know what’s pointless? Spending four years on a degree you don’t give a crap about and then STILL not being able to find a full-time job. My personal philosophy is that if you are really passionate about what you are majoring in you will work it so that you get a job post-graduation.

So if any of y’all are interested in it, you should research it. Maybe we can talk about it. WGSS gets a bad rep, as do many of us who are interested in being feminist activists on campus. 

So, I will just leave you with my favorite quote from Little Miss Sunshine ~

“do what you love and fuck the rest”

Excuse my language.


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