Great poem that deals with labor issues.


To whom it may concern

                      By: Francheska Morales

To whom it may concern:

    I am resigning because there has been a conflict within my schedules. I appreciate what this company has done for me ( which is nothing). I also appreciate all the experience I have learned within the past three years
                    Fuck You!

I quit because I finally admitted to myself that this company dehumanizes their employees.

I quit because I cannot stand behind the founder who went from being the oppressed to the oppressor.
                    Yes Big Stressor!
And I Know What You’re Thinking…
Esta bien exaggerated.
Yes of course.
Can’t call out power trips for what they are.

Please don’t worry too much…
I will find another… JOB

And yes I know jobs are limited but my brain is not!
I’d rather be jobless…

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