Who is the Working Class?

Working Class, Middle Class, Capitalist Class. What do these three levels mean for America? Have they always existed? Do they exist elsewhere? Why do the majority of Americans consider themselves middle class when the majority of Americans are clearly working class? Class isn’t something that gets talked about. Asking someone what their income is, is […]

Sexism Exists?

Do you think sexism exists? Have you seen it in action? What do you think of feminists? Are we feminazis? Questions that go through my mind whenever I am in a classroom and we are talking about systems of oppression. Whenever people hear I am a feminist I can see the reaction on their faces. […]

A White Anti-Racist? What?

Being a white anti-racist is a complicated role to fill. By being white, by occupying a privileged status, I am benefiting from a system of oppression. I am consistently questioning my thoughts and reactions to everything. Many of my white “friends” think I’m really weird. They think I’m a race traitor, although they won’t actually come […]